I met Julian and Amanda a few years ago while I was shooting Laura and Pete’s wedding. I shared with Julian about my “foodie” wedding – where we hired out a beautiful location and got an amazing caterer within 3.5 months from our wedding date (yes, we planned it in 3.5 months – stress free! It’s possible!). Immediately after Julian proposed to Amanda, they emailed me detailing how they loved the idea of my kind of wedding and wanted me to photograph it. They hired one of their favourite cafes (the beautiful industrial, Mecca in Alexandria) and got Chef Matt Bates (ex Chef of Cafe Sydney) to cater. Their reception was filled with delicious food, Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar, drinks and live music (they flew in one of their favourite musicians from New Zealand). I loved that they thought outside of the typical cookie cutter type wedding and planned every detail to be a true reflection of them.

Julian and Amanda, thank you so much for allowing me the honour of being part of your lives in this way. I loved that I came away from this wedding being able to call you my friends. So excited for this next season of your lives.