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Shot this wedding February, 2013. My heart is so full while going through these photos again. This is no doubt, one of my favourite weddings. It wasn’t pretentious and fake. We laughed till our stomachs and jaws hurt, cried, ran on the road and through corn fields, snuggled in the rain and celebrated life. Their wedding was personal and intimate. Why else would it be called “The Hottest Wedding in Town”? (Love the pun. Town is Pete’s last name). Bek has the driest sense of humour. She loves a lot and dances a lot (she has a dance for every occassion). She’s one of the coolest girls I know! Pete is cool too… He looks clean (a joke that the bridesmaids made), has a hearty deep laugh and is just… deep. They love God and life – you can tell by the way they live. It’s infectious.

So much has happened 3 years on. Bek went to study floristry and is now one of my favourite florists. She is incredibly talented! Please check out her work – Floral Pines Design Co.