Lam and Winston are adventurers at heart. There were a few hiccups on their wedding day, but they embraced it with grace and with one thing in mind: it was all part of their adventure. I have been reflecting a lot on this. The weddings that have made an impact on me are ones where the bride and groom aren’t phased when things don’t go according to plan. It reminded me of a scene in the movie “About Time” where everything goes disastrously wrong at the wedding and everyone was crammed in to a room, sheltered from the storm. They shared meaningful life stories with one another and there was a realness to that scene that I loved. My heart was full while I watched that scene and also as I drove home that evening from Lam and Winston’s wedding. I was inspired.

Be sure to watch the beautiful Same Day Edit that Andy put together.

Vendors: Location: Zen Oasis / Teepee: Katalane / Videographer: Andy Yang