For years now, I’ve avoided doing family sessions because I felt incredibly inadequate in engaging with kids behind the camera. Malina got in touch with me and something clicked… I really wanted to photograph her young family.

I felt dry, uninspired and restless about the locations I’ve been using. I stumbled across this location while driving past a neighbouring suburb from home. I sent Malina a few photos of the location and she completely trusted my vision (despite having to travel out with a 13 month baby). I’m so thankful they did! The timing of the shoot worked out too. The light was gorgeous.

Their little one, Eli, is such a happy fella. There were so many sweet moments which filled my heart with so much warmth. Thank you for sharing your life with me!!

It was a learning curve for me. I’ve still got so much to learn… But I’m itching to do more of these…

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