nia-johan-001 nia-johan-002 nia-johan-003 nia-johan-004 nia-johan-005 nia-johan-006 nia-johan-007 nia-johan-008 nia-johan-009 nia-johan-010 nia-johan-011 nia-johan-012 nia-johan-013 nia-johan-014 nia-johan-015 nia-johan-016 nia-johan-017 nia-johan-018 nia-johan-019 nia-johan-020 nia-johan-021 nia-johan-022 nia-johan-023 nia-johan-024 nia-johan-025 nia-johan-026 nia-johan-027 nia-johan-028 nia-johan-029 nia-johan-030 nia-johan-031 nia-johan-032 nia-johan-033 nia-johan-034 nia-johan-035 nia-johan-036 nia-johan-037 nia-johan-038 nia-johan-039 nia-johan-040 nia-johan-041 nia-johan-042 nia-johan-043 nia-johan-044 nia-johan-045 nia-johan-046I had the pleasure of photographing this wedding back in Spring, 2010. It is one of my favourite weddings. There is something about the day which embodied what I want the brand to highlight… A warm, bright and youthful love.

So much has happened since 2010. They now have a gorgeous daughter and also run The Assembly. I am so excited for what is in store for these two. It was definitely a joy going through their photos again.