A lot of people invest so much time, money and emotions into their wedding day. It’s understandable – it’s 1 day where all your loved ones come together for the two of you. But is that what really matters in the end? A beautiful, perfectly executed event with gorgeous details worthy of a bridal magazine/blog? As though that is the litmus test for a fulfilling marriage… Don’t get me wrong. I love details + floral-filled weddings. I’m merely just writing/processing the idolisation of such weddings – where it’s JUST about THAT.

No bridal party, no “getting ready” photos, no pomp and glory – just these two guys celebrating their union with their loved ones. It felt… So real, grounded and intimate. I felt like I was present. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to get carried away by the little details of the wedding day. I have photographed weddings for just under a decade and it’s these kinds of simple weddings that fill my heart with joy. Wish there were more weddings like this.

Are you investing in a beautiful wedding or in a marriage?

Also – can we take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous Winter light? How incredible is it?

  • Christopher Gunawan said:


    Just saw your photos on instagram and they were amazing!

    Was wondering if you could send me a price list of your service?

    My wedding will be in November this year, and I need to have prewedding photos done before august.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    Christopher Gunawan